Frequently aksked questions

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What is a Dadarik?

A Dadarik is an e-card, a virtual gift. It is an easily affordable way to appreciate a friend and let them become a lucky prize winner.

How to register at

It's simple and easy! Enter your name (no last name needed) and e-mail. Create a password and click on the 'Sign up' button. A confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail to verify your request. That's it! As a new member, you will receive a free Dadarik - a gift from our team! Congratulations!

How to purchase and send a Dadarik?

If you wish to purchase a Dadarik without signing up to our website, simply have your pick of e-cards from our Catalogue. Click 'Add to cart'. Enter the recipient's e-mail and/or phone number. Add the text of your choice. Press PAY/ SEND and you will be directed to payment details. When the payment is completed, the message will be sent to the recipient. Registered members can have their account details saved for further transactions. By signing up you can also create your favorite Dadarik collection.

Can I purchase and send a Dadarik to myself?

Most certainly! Enter your e-mail address in the recipient field and wait for your very own Dadarik!

What is a prize draw?

Promotional prize draws are carried out regularly on our website. All Dadariks participating in the prize draw have the lottery information (date and prize details) included on the e-card.

How to participate in a prize draw?

If you have received a promotional Dadarik, your participation in the prize draw must be confirmed on our website. That way we can contact the lucky winners and all the participants have expressed a voluntary agreement to take part in the lottery.

Can a Dadarik be used to promote sales of other products or services?

It's possible. Send your request to our support team at and we will reply shortly!